gbogbo awọn Isori

INC-M2.0 brushless digital motor

18L / S
Iwọn air

Nano omi ions

odi ions

66dB Noise idinku ọna ẹrọ

Smart iboju ifọwọkan


The INC-M2.0 brushless motor, produces strong air flow up to 18L/s


Ipo, iwọn otutu afẹfẹ, iyara afẹfẹ ti han loju iboju kan


Awọn ions omi Nano ti o ni itọsi ṣe itọju irun ati mu didara irun lagbara


Awọn ions odi dinku frizz mu didan


360°rotating magnetic styling nozzle


Imọ-ẹrọ iṣakoso ooru ti oye PID

Are you still using a traditional hair dryer?

Most people consider their hair not smooth and shiny enough , and the traditional hair dryer can not help them well.



INC-M2.0 high-speed brushless digital motor

A new generation of brushless digital micro-motor with 47%* smaller size, lighter weight and longer service life.Drive strong wind directly reaches the hair roots, drying hair quickly while caring for hair.


*The data comes from JIMMY' s internal laboratory, compared to the previous generation of motor

Awọn ions odi dinku frizz mu didan

The negative ion generator can release more than 10 million units /cm³of negative ions per second, covering the hair surface, eliminating static electricity,smoothing the hair, making the hair soft and shinny.


PID smart heat control technology

Intelligent PID heat control measures the temperature over 50 times a second, pass the data to the control chip, and prevent extreme heat.



Brings a faster hair drying experience

High-speed motor with air duct pressurization, gather 18L/s strong wind, quickly dry the hair.

*The data comes from JIMMY' s internal laboratory, and the actual usage time varies depending on different hair types and usage habits.


Nano water ions nourish and strengthen hair

Nanoi technology draws moisture from the air and infuses hair with moisture-rich ions to enhance hair’s smoothness and shine. Forming a layer of protective coating to keep
hair moisture content at 15% of the gold moisture status.

*According to the test from China Electronic Product Reliability And Environment Testing Research Institute, a large number of water are observed around the water ion generator.


LED Touch-Screen

Upgraded 2 inches smart touch screen, mode, wind temperature, wind speed are displayed clearly on one screen.
Tap to switch, the operation is more convenient.


More than light,
but quieter

Multiple noise reduction technologies, the sound is lower than 66 decibels, providing extra care for family members and pets.


Magnetic Styling Nozzle


Diẹ olumulo ore-apẹrẹ


Ọja ọja
  • Won won Foliteji: 220-240V
  • Agbara Ti a Rọ: 1600W
  • Motor Type: Brushless Digital Motor
  • Air speed control: High/Medium/Low
  • Temperature control: High/Medium/Low
  • Mode: Warm/Cold/Hot&cold circulation/Soft
  • Ariwo ti o pọju: 66dB
  • Iwọn Afẹfẹ ti o pọju: 18L/S
  • Negative ion: 10Million/cm3
  • Nano water Ion: Yes
  • LED Touch-Screen: Yes
  • Gigun Okun Agbara: 1.8m
  • Accessories: Styling Nozzle
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