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Anti-mite Vacuum Isenkanjade

Killing Mites by UV & High Temperature
For Household & Commercial Use

5S Rapid Heating simulating the sun to kill mites

700W High Power removes dust and dust mites efficiently

Professional UV Lamp kills 99.99% bacteria

Fine Steel Mesh Filtration avoid second air pollution

Patented Compositive Roller Brush remove dust mites by fast tapping

245mm Wide Suction Inlet clean mattress more efficiently


5s Dekun Alapapo

5 seconds fast heating and blows hot wind constantly to remove house dust mites and bacteria from your place efficiently.


Professional UV-C Lamp

UV-C light eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and virus, and paralyzes dust mites and slow down their ability to multiply.


6 Grade Dual Cyclonic Filtration

Inserted with 6-grade filtration system including HEPA grade MIF filter and dual-cyclonic filtration, avoiding releasing the harmful bacteria and pathogens to the air again.


Patented Compositive Roller Brush

Tapping the surface with strong vibrations to lift mites off. The brushroll is specifically designed for vacuuming on the mattresses, beds, sofas, upholstery and other similar surfaces without any harm.

Accumulation of mattress dust clogs your pores, accelerates skin aging
Humid Environment Easily Breeds Mites



5S Rapid Heating

60℃ High Temperature Killing Mites

Imọ ẹrọ Imọlẹ


Simulating the Sun

PTC Alapapo

Heat to 60℃ in 5 seconds, penetrate bedding & mattress rapidly, kill mites & bacteria quickly.


60℃ constant hot wind

Kill mites and dehumidify, make your bed cleaner and more comfortable.


Powerful 700W High Precision Motor

New generation of upgraded high precision motor provides more powerful suction power and makes lower noise, energy-saving and efficient.

High Precision Motor

16KPa Big Suction

Energy-saving Efficient


45mm Big Diameter Anti-winding designed Roller Brush can remove hair without tangling

45mm big diameter electric spiral compositive roller brush rotates rapidly and taps powerfully, removes dust mites thoroughly.


UV Killing Bacteria Efficiently

Dust mite removal rate is as high as 99.9%

High penetration, 253.7nm moderate wavelength, can destroy both mites and bacteria.


Patented Compositive Roller Brush

Creative soft rubber strip & antistatic-fiber compositive roller brush can remove small dust caused by static electricity, and avoid wear of the surface of quilt and mattress.


245mm Wide Suction Port

Vacuum+Tap+UV, 3-in-1 cleaning mode, clean a bed just in minutes.


Certified by the British Allergy Foundation

Allergy UK certifies products that reduce and remove allergens and bacteria.


Effective Mites Removal

The rate of mite removal is 99.9%, and antibacterial rate as high as 99.99%.

Test report by China Home Appliance Research Institute.


3 Modes are Provided

UV Tap Vacuum





Deep into the breeding ground of mites, let mites nowhere to hide.


More Humanized Design

Metal coating machine body

Big Capacity Transparent Dust Cup

Cool Streamlined Design


ọja paramita
  • Product Name: JIMMY Anti-mite UV Vacuum Cleaner JV35
  • Agbara Ti a Rọ: 700W
  • Won won Foliteji: 220-240V
  • UV Lamp Power: 6W
  • Roller Brush Type: Soft rubber strip & antistatic fiber compositive roller brush
  • Motor: Double
  • Way of Filtration: Dual-cyclonic
  • Hot Wind Temperature: 60℃
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.5L
  • Gigun Okun Agbara: 5m
  • Working Noise: <74dB
  • Machine Size: 370×283×223mm
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