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Professional Grade Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner

Fast Removes 99.99% House Dust Mites and Other Allergens

600W Strong Power

Ultrasonic Penetrates Mattress

Allergy UK Certificated

UV-C LED kills 99.9% allergy

Composite brushroll taps powerfully

Rubber strips protect fabric surface

Metal mesh filter more durable

Soft/Strong dual working mode

245mm width suction nozzle


20000HZ-50000HZ Powerful Ultrasonic

High-power ultrasound is a new safe technology to kill house dust mites, bacteria and viruses. The ultrasonic technology affects the breeding of house dust mites.


Ọjọgbọn UV-C fitila

Imọlẹ UV-C yọkuro 99.9% ti kokoro arun ati ọlọjẹ, ati pe o rọ awọn mites eruku ati fa fifalẹ agbara wọn lati isodipupo.


6 Ite Meji Cyclonic ase

Fi sii pẹlu eto isọdi-kilasi 6 pẹlu àlẹmọ HEPA grade MIF ati isọdi-cyclonic meji, yago fun itusilẹ awọn kokoro arun ti o lewu ati awọn ọlọjẹ si afẹfẹ lẹẹkansi.


Itọsi Compositive Roller Fẹlẹ

Titẹ lori ilẹ pẹlu awọn gbigbọn to lagbara lati gbe awọn mites kuro. Awọn brushroll jẹ pataki apẹrẹ fun igbale lori awọn matiresi, ibusun, sofas, upholstery ati awọn miiran iru roboto lai eyikeyi ipalara.

Every family needs an anti-mite vacuum cleaner

Studies have shown that in some areas, more than 80% of children with asthma are allergic to dust mites. Mites are everywhere, causing acne, asthma and other problems.


Ifọwọsi nipasẹ Allergy UK Foundation

Dust mite and allergy removal effect tested and certified by professional agency, 99.9% mite removal rate.


600W Large Suction Power

No residue after removing mites
Dust mites, hair, easy to clean



High precision motor, strong power with low noise

600w dual motors create strong suction power.

High precision motor

600W lagbara agbara

Oniruuru ariwo


Cyclonic filtration system

Multiple filtration can separate fine dust and dust mite allergen from air efficiently, less clogging on filter and ensures continuous big suction power.


Thickened stainless steel mesh filter

Durable, avoid secondary pollution Effectively filter hair, scurf, particles, dust and other allergens.


Ultrasonic kills dust mites efficiently

Ultrasonic destroys the nerves of mites, prevent the growth of mites, and effectively eliminate mites for a long time.


Upgraded third generation

45mm large diameter motor driven brushroll

Spiral tapping

Stronger force

Deep removal of mites

Patented composite brushroll, deeply remove mites and dust from mattress

With soft rubber strip + soft hair strip, 62000 times/minute strong tapping, can easily pick up fine dust and dust mites without damaging mattress surface.


Physical ultrasonic to remove mites

Experiments have proven that the ultrasonic of 20000-50000HZ only acts on the hearing range of the mites and is harmless to the human body.


Professional UV-C LED UV kills bacteria efficiently

Dust mite removal rate is more than 99.9%



Dual mode meets different cleaning needs

Strong mode - bedding, mattress
Gentle mode - thin cotton fabric, silk.


245mm wide suction inlet

It can clean a 1.8-meter-wide bed in 5 minutes easily. 50% increase in cleaning efficiency.


Washable design makes cleaning more convenient
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ọja paramita
  • Product Name: JIMMY Anti-mite UV Vacuum Cleaner BX5
  • Agbara Ti a Rọ: 600W
  • Won won Foliteji: 220-240V
  • Agbara fitila UV: 6W
  • Roller Brush Iru: Rirọ roba rinhoho & antistatic okun compositive rola fẹlẹ
  • Motor: Double
  • Ọna Filtration: Meji-cyclonic
  • Eruku Cup Agbara: 0.5L
  • Gigun Okun Agbara: 5m
  • Working Noise:≤75dB
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